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Our company takes care of acquisition strategies and project development in the crypto-currency world. We use a bot system to publish hundreds of messages per second in thousands of different Telegram groups. Don’t waste your time and money when you can automate the acquisition of members.

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Our solutions

Acquisition strategies for crypto project development. Grow your business.

Professional in organic communication and development 


Even if we use bots, we acquire real members on your channel. Messages can be tracked in real time on the different shilling groups.

Affordable Prices

We offer a 24 hour demo for each client. Our formulas start at 0,1 to 10 BNB to have the opportunity to accompany all types of projects.

Secure payments

Pay with the crypto-currency of your choice. Find fixed prices according to your currencies, without additional taxes. Fast and easy!

Improve business

Trust Blue House for communication, as some of our prestigious clients have already used our acquisition strategies (SafeMars, FoxFinance,...)

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Our Prices:

24h Of Shilling

  • 2 Shilling Bots
  • 5 Telegram Groups
  • 30 Words
  • 1 Link

1 Week Of Shilling

  • 5 Shilling Bots
  • 20 Telegram Groups
  • 80 Words
  • 5 Link

2 Week Of Shilling

BNB 10
  • 50 Shilling Bots
  • ∞ Telegram Groups
  • ∞ Words
  • ∞ Link

What Clients Say

"Thanks to the Blue House team who brought us the necessary support to develop our project on Telegram, with now more than 2000 active members, we managed to create a committed community! "
Evernator Admin


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